Subaru Boxer Engine

Subaru Boxer Engine
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Stability like no other. It’s why the Boxer Engine still sits at the heart of every Subaru 50 years later. Designed flat to lower the center of gravity, our Boxer Engine powerhouse delivers maximum balance and control. Compared to its inline and V engine counterparts, the Boxer Engine has balance mastered. The same way a boxer throws punches, the Boxer Engine’s pistons move sideways, reducing vibrations to give you a smoother ride.

Low profile. High output. Better fuel economy. Our horizontal layout creates a linear flow of power, so it responds efficiently when you step on the gas. The Boxer Engine may be compact but make no mistake.  It punches above its weight with speed and power – bringing you unrivaled balance, handling and stability.

Subaru Boxer

Watch how Subaru's Boxer Engine stacks up against other engines.

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History of Subaru Boxer Engine
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