Subaru Global Platform

Subaru Boxer Engine
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A new platform. Another level. The new Subaru Global Platform upgrades the driving experience with less vibration, quieter cabin, better crash absorption, enhanced handling, and that’s only the beginning of it. How do you make any structure safer and stronger? Two words. Rigid framework.

The rigid framework of the Subaru Global Platform changes how our cars drive, handle, and feel. But the best part is that it keeps you and your passengers safer than ever. Our cutting-edge platform improves crash absorption by  40%. That’s the impact of a strong foundation. The Subaru Global Platform absorbs more shock and vibration and also provides 50% less roll, giving you a quieter and supremely stable ride when you’re on the road–and when there isn’t one.

One of the four core technologies, our cutting-edge Subaru Global Platform takes comfort, safety, and performance to the next level of amazing.

A Next Generation Platform the Future

Watch how the new Subaru Global Platform contributes to your safety, ride quality, handling and stability.

Active Safety
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Passive Safety
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Handling Stability
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Straight-Line Stability
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