7 April 2021

All-New Subaru Outback Launched in Singapore

The flagship model is equipped with Subaru’s greatest features, including advanced EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, sophisticated infotainment and the innovative Driver Monitoring System. 

Singapore, 7 April 2021 – Motor Image Enterprises (MIE), the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in Singapore, is pleased to launch the all-new, state-of-the-art Subaru Outback. The flagship Crossover model comes with an all-new 2.5-litre direct injection boxer engine, built on the Subaru Global Platform with an upgraded driver assist safety system and has been restyled inside and out. It combines the driveability of a station wagon with the versatility of a Sports Utility Vehicle and represents the true adventurous spirit of Subaru.

“This car is really about giving you a refined, premium driving experience in a feature packed model, at an unbeatable price for you to create your best memories with your loved ones. Fans of the Outback will know that it is reliable and always there for you, taking you on your best journeys, time after time. It has the latest best in class safety features and spaciousness more usually found in luxury European brands. It will keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable. It is stable, versatile and practical, with a touch of luxury. It is a well-equipped high-end car, without the high-end price tag.” said Mr Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Tan Chong International Ltd., which owns Motor Image Enterprises.


First, the Outback features the latest version of Subaru’s award-winning preventive safety system, the EyeSight, which gets an upgrade with new features. The EyeSight 4.0’s Pre-Collision Braking covers more traffic scenarios at intersections where the Outback is making a turn, thanks to its better stereo camera and angle of coverage. It helps the driver look left and right, covering more scenarios to prevent collisions. (e.g. vehicles travelling in the opposite direction and pedestrians crossing the road at a discretionary right-turn junction).

Its Driver Assist Technology now includes:
  • Autonomous Emergency Steering, which helps steer the Outback away from a vehicle or obstacle in front to avoid an accident. It works with Subaru’s Rear Vehicle Detection to ensure that the Outback heads towards a clear area (ie right or left).
  • The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system now has a Lane Centering Function. This helps to steer the Outback to keep it in the middle of the lane, whether the road is straight or slightly curved. ACC has the added benefit of helping drivers in traffic jams, by keeping drivers at a safe distance from the car in front, helping a driver to slow down or speed up automatically in these situations.
  • The EyeSight 4.0’s Lane Departure Warning includes Lane Departure Prevention. This nudges the steering wheel slightly when it detects that the driver is about to cross the line/lane markings while travelling at 60km/h or more.
Improved Stereo Cameras
  • EyeSight 4.0 now comes with better stereo cameras which provide almost double the angle of coverage. This helps EyeSight to look not only at its own lane but at neighbouring lanes so a driver can anticipate better if a car to the left or right is going to move into his lane and so take action to prevent collisions.

Driver Monitoring System

  • The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) uses an infra-red camera and facial recognition technology to monitor the driver’s eyes and gives a warning to the driver should he/she be looking away from the road when driving. It also remembers the unique settings of up to five drivers for their seats, mirrors, climate control and so on and automatically adjusts for each driver. Features found usually only in luxury models.
Other safety features include
  • The EyeSight Assist Monitor, which gives visual warnings on the windshield, so the driver is made aware of potentially dangerous situations.
  • 8 airbags, Steering Responsive Headlights, Adaptive Driving Beam, Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection, Reverse Automatic Braking and Post-Collision Brake control.


The all-new Outback is built on the latest Subaru Global Platform, with a full inner frame structure and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, all part of Subaru’s DNA, giving the car excellent handling and stability. It has an all new 2.5-litre direct injection boxer engine which goes from 0 to 100km/h in 9.6 seconds.

With ample ground clearance (213mm) to take you on rough journeys smoothly, it is also styled to look rugged, with sturdy bumper guards, heavy-duty crossbar roof rails and robust body claddings. A larger 522-litre luggage compartment offers 10 litres more space than before and a hands-free power rear gate are some of the practical features which make it perfect for family.


As for the “Uncommon Luxury” promised by the latest Outback, it starts with cabin space for up to five adults. The 2,745mm wheelbase has been carried over from the previous model, but meaningful increases in length (+50mm) and breadth (+35mm), coupled with significant improvements in packaging, have created a more spacious interior than the previous Outback.

Then there are Nappa leather seats, a first for Subaru, with extra plush cushioning and premium trims all around giving a cohesive and luxe look to the cabin.

The centrepiece of the all-new Outback interior is a smart 11.6-inch infotainment touchscreen. The high-definition LCD screen, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, makes managing vehicle/driving information and enjoying in-car entertainment easier than ever.

Audiophiles will appreciate the Harman/Kardon premium audio system with 11 speakers, a subwoofer, and an 8-channel amplifier. The all-new Subaru Outback is totally comfortable on the road and naturally capable off the road. Whether you want to live it up in the city or get active and dirty as part of an outdoorsy lifestyle, it will help create memorable journeys for you and your loved ones.

Available to Order Now

The all-new Subaru Outback is now available to order and will be showcased at the Subaru Leng Kee showroom from today.

Customers can find out more about the all-new Subaru Outback here.

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