12 January 2023

Subaru Promises Excitement & Thrills at Singapore Motorshow 2023!

Unveiling of Subaru’s first all-electric EV Solterra SUV as well as the launch of the legendary duo WRX and WRX Wagon plus the Subaru Forester e-Boxer Hybrid GT Edition

Singapore, 12 January 2023 – Buckle up as Subaru takes centre stage at Singapore’s biggest and longest running premium motoring event - the Singapore Motorshow.

“We are starting this Singapore Motorshow on the right gear with a celebration of Subaru’s multiple firsts. Firstly, with the launch of the legendary all-new fifth-generation sporty WRX and WRX Wagon, as well as the stunning GT Edition of Subaru’s well-loved Forester e-Boxer Hybrid.

Also, making its first ASEAN debut, Subaru’s first EV – the Go-Anywhere SUV, Solterra will be unveiled! So, get ready to ignite your senses with what the Subaru brand has to offer.”

- Mr. Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director, Tan Chong International Limited


At Subaru, safety comes first, that is why Subarus are built around four-hallmark core technologies that offer drivers over 100 safety features:
  • Subaru Global Platform (SGP) [1];
  • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD) [1];
  • Boxer Engine; and
  • EyeSight Advanced Driver Assist Technology [1].

    These elements provide Subaru vehicles with the performance, versatility, comfort and safety to deliver an enjoyable drive with peace of mind to drivers and their passengers.

    About Subaru EyeSight 4.0 (Available for Outback/Forester/WRX)

    Fulfiling level 2 Advanced Driving Assist System semi-autonomous driving technology, Subaru’s award-winning preventive safety system, EyeSight, is more intuitive than ever. This latest iteration - EyeSight 4.0 - is equipped with innovative, newly improved stereo cameras and upgraded with new features.

    EyeSight 4.0 Advanced Driver Assist Technology now has a total of nine features, of which three are new:
    • Autonomous Emergency Steering [2] helps steer the Subaru away from a vehicle or obstacle in front to avoid an accident (up to 80km/h),
    • Lane Centering Function which helps to steer the Subaru, keeping it in the middle of the lane, whether the road is straight or slightly curved and,
    • Lane Departure Prevention this feature nudges the steering wheel slightly towards the inside of the Subaru’s lane when it detects that the driver is about to cross the line/lane markings while travelling at 60km/h or more.
    1 Not included in the BRZ (Manual).
    2 Only in Forester 2.0 i-S EyeSight variant/Outback/WRX.
    * Subaru EyeSight Advanced Driver Assist Technology is a driving support system that uses a range of functions to assist the driver in making decisions to provide a safer and more comfortable drive as well as reduce driver fatigue. Making use of images created by the stereo cameras specially designed by Subaru, EyeSight detects the vehicle in front, obstacles, traffic lanes, and other items. Detection by the EyeSight system is limited to objects that are within the range of the stereo cameras’ field.


    Subaru WRX in WR Blue and Subaru WRX Wagon in Crystal White
    (Images for illustration purposes only, specifications may vary across markets)

    Subaru welcomes rally and motorsport fans to witness the rebirth of legend as we unveil the all-new, fifth-generation Subaru WRX and WRX Wagon today at the Subaru booth.

    Both models are built on the newest iteration of the Subaru Global Platform, with full inner frame construction and expanded application of structural adhesive to greatly improve the car’s rigidity, a bedrock of performance driving capability. With the Subaru Global Platform as the foundation for sportiness, the new-gen WRX promises to be a supremely capable yet surprisingly comfortable sports car. A thrilling drive doesn’t have to be tiring in this case.

    The new WRX duo are wind-cheating machines, designed to slip through the air in their own slick ways, and the WRX applies a few more tricks to cheat the wind.

    While these two hot new cars have a lot in common, the WRX and WRX Wagon have very different personalities. The WRX stays true to its rallying roots, whereas the WRX Wagon is styled as a classy sports tourer. The all-new Subaru WRX and WRX Wagon are here to ignite all your senses!


    Looking fiercer and sportier is the new Subaru Forester GT in Cascade Green Silica
    (Images for illustration purposes only, specifications may vary across markets)

    The Forester e-Boxer Hybrid and its sportier variant, the Forester GT Edition (available for 2.0i-L EyeSight and e-BOXER 2.0i-S EyeSight Hybrid) both come equipped with Subaru’s most sophisticated Driver Assist Safety System to date – EyeSight 4.0 and an array of enhanced autonomous safety features.

    The self-charging, mild hybrid e-Boxer system remains all-Subaru with no compromise. EyeSight 4.0 is Subaru's state-of-the-art advanced driver assist technology, with stereo cameras that work like a second pair of eyes for the road ahead to assist the driver and help reduce accidents.

    Powered by the unique e-Boxer engine which features an electric motor and high-voltage battery combined with Subaru’s petrol Boxer engine, the new system is engineered to provide efficiency as it is capable of automatically and effortlessly switching between three driving modes. With e-Boxer, the Foresters now offer smoother handling, a more responsive acceleration, enhanced off-road capability and better efficiency.

    The Forester GT Edition that is launched today at the Singapore Motorshow is the sportiest flagship variant of the SUV range. It sports an even more dynamic look with its unique GT kit that features better aerodynamic performance derived from the front, rear lip extensions, side skirts and roof spoiler. Striking bespoke 18-inch alloy wheels complete the exterior enhancements. Inside the cabin, the Forester GT Edition gets diamond-quilted designer leather seats inspired by European grand tourers. Adding even more exclusivity, the seats come embossed with the GT Edition logo at the sides!

    Created in close collaboration with renowned engineering company Giken Co. Ltd and Mr Masahiko “Jack” Kobayashi, the Subaru Forester GT Edition sets itself apart from the other Forester variants.

    Mr. Kobayashi who was part of Subaru’s original team that created Subaru’s distinctive exterior designs of more than 12 Subaru production models including the legendary WRX STI. He also personally handles the development of the new GT Edition designs for Motor Image Group.

    The new Subaru Forester e-Boxer Hybrid in Cascade Green Silica
    (Images for illustration purposes only, specifications may vary across markets)


    The all-new second-gen Subaru BRZ in WR Blue Pearl
    (Images for illustration purposes only, specifications may vary across markets)

    The all-new BRZ (Boxer, Rear-wheel drive, Zenith) levels up the driving game with greater power and performance than its predecessor. Officially revealed at the 2023 Singapore Motorshow, driving enthusiasts can unleash their desire to experience pure driving pleasure in this second-generation Japanese sports coupe, with safety and style. Crowned by Edmunds as the Top-Rated Sports Car for 2022, the all-new BRZ sports a completely fresh design which is low, lean and mean. The coupe delivers more performance and handling finesse.

    Powering the rear-wheels is a new 2.4-litre 4-cylinder Boxer Engine that produces 237 PS and 250 Nm of torque. The manual BRZ reaches 100 km/h in a blistering 6.3 seconds while the automatic transmission does it in 6.8 seconds. Highlights of the second generation BRZ include all-new C-shaped LED Headlamps with auto-levelling bifunction that allow the driver to be seen in the day and see better at night. The coupe also sports a new 18-inch Aluminium-alloy wheels and tyres that provide excellent driving performance for a sporter and more enjoyable driving experience. New Twin Tail Mufflers handle the higher engine output while being lighter than its predecessor. The exhaust now takes a more direct route with less detours to make it shorter.

    As a whole, the BRZ now looks more muscular with its sharper body lines and topped off with an aggressive ducktail spoiler that is integrated into the boot lid. On the inside, BRZ drivers will appreciate the straightforward 2+2 cabin with its easily adjustable, extremely supportive front seats which are clad in leather and Ultrasuede upholstery. For a pure sports-car experience, the new BRZ’s bold design is as impressive as its performance abilities, making it a true drivers’ choice!


    The sporty yet sophisticated Subaru Outback in Brilliant Bronze Metallic
    (Images for illustration purposes only, specifications may vary across markets)

    The Subaru Outback is a state-of-the-art Crossover model that allows you to discover life’s simple pleasures with sophistication and refinement. It combines the driveability of a station wagon with the versatility of a Sports Utility Vehicle and represents the true adventurous spirit of Subaru. Experience the uncommon luxury of this versatile, practical Crossover.

    New for the 2023 Outback are redesigned alloy wheels with a host of cabin convenience changes that elevate the car’s luxurious ambience to another level. The Outback now gets auto-restore X-MODE, updated Type C USB charging ports, UI upgrades for the infotainment system, driver’s multi-info display and steering wheel control changes.


    The hot and fun Subaru XV GT in Ice Silver Metallic
    (Images for illustration purposes only, specifications may vary across markets)

    Those looking to own an even sportier-looking XV or to make a statement may opt for the XV GT Edition. This XV GT model is created in close collaboration with renowned engineering company Giken Co. Ltd and Mr Masahiko “Jack” Kobayashi. The XV GT’s body kit is more aggressive with clever touches that perfectly integrated with the XV. The front under spoiler has been redesigned and front bumper garnishes have been added.

    There are many reasons to fall in love with this capable compact crossover which packs a punch including features found in the Subaru Forester such as Subaru All-Wheel Drive, the same high ground clearance and over 100 safety features.


    (Images for illustration purposes only)

    A must-see at every Singapore Motorshow, Russ Swift returns with jaw-dropping performances. With multiple performances each day, visitors can catch this legendary display driver performing his electrifying signature stunts namely Swift Parking, J-turn Power Slide, Donut moves, Two Wheeling, dance routines and more. Get up close and personal with Swift at the end of every performance at exclusive autograph sessions.

    The Guinness World Record Show featured Russ setting records for:
    • Parallel Parking in the Tightest Space (high-speed precision parking in under 3 seconds, without changing gears which Russ established on 5 August 1993 (35cm) and broke it again on 29 September 1998);
    • J-Turn Power Slide in the tightest space (reversing at high speed then spinning the car 180 degrees in a confined space which he established in September 1998) and
    • the fastest time to complete 10 “donuts” (established on 11 September 2004).

    These and more continue to be featured in the Subaru x Russ Swift Stunt Shows which have wowed audiences in many of the Southeast Asian markets where Subaru Motor Image distributes its safe and capable Subaru cars. Standard Subarus are used for Russ’s displays, with the only modification being the locked differential in the Two-Wheeler Forester stunt. As such, these stunt shows, jointly presented by our sponsor Motul are very honest demonstrations of the robust and responsive handling characteristics of Subaru cars. They are also Russ’s car of choice for his stunt show performances.


    • SUBARU FORESTER BARES IT ALL: Discover the finer details of what goes into our Subaru Forester at this entertaining exhibit. With a cutaway display of the actual Extraordinary SUV, there’s no better way to fascinate any petrol head or visitor alike. This showcase is an X-ray view of the mechanical inner workings of the Forester’s beating heart and the technological complexities that keep us safe.
    • SUBARU MAGICAL MIRROR: Developed to demonstrate how the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) provides “Hospitality for Each Individual”, the Subaru Magical Mirror demystifies all the functions of DMS in the new Subaru Forester SUV in an entertaining way. At a glance, it just looks like an ordinary mirror, but when a user sits in front of the mirror, the dedicated camera and sensors are activated, and this is where the magic begins. This educational journey will enable users to understand how the DMS elevates daily driving enjoyment through keeping drivers alert on the road.
    • VIRTUALLY CRASH A SUBARU: Step into the virtual world at our Subaru VR lab and experience how Subaru’s all-round safety features keep our drivers and passengers safe. The VR technology allows users to assess Subaru’s structural rigidity and occupant safety across a range of real-world conditions and obstacles. Additionally, users can transport themselves to virtually live through a realistic crash test which is done in a safe environment and without the need of having to demolish real cars.
    • WIN A SUBARU IMPREZA: Participate in the lucky draw using your admission tickets and answer a question to win either a Subaru Impreza hatchback or a Nissan Kicks e-Power! The winner who chooses Subaru’s Impreza can look forward to exceptional daily drives with Subaru’s core technologies as well as the SI-Drive powertrain performance management system, which offers Sport mode and Intelligent mode delivering greater excitement and higher efficiency respectively.