24 January 2019

Motor Image Group customers not affected by power steering defects

Singapore, 24 January 2019 - Motor Image Group (MIG), distributor of Subaru vehicles in nine markets across Asia, today announced that its customers are not affected by the power steering defect announced by Subaru Corporation. None of the affected production has been delivered to MIG customers.

The Japanese automaker said on Wednesday that it had suspended production at production facilities in Japan from 16 January 2019 and will likely resume production and shipments as early as 28 January 2019. This was due to defects affecting the power steering in three vehicle models, the Forester, the XV and the Impreza. The affected vehicles were manufactured between late December 2018 and 16 January 2019.

MIG puts customer safety and satisfaction as its utmost priority. Across all its operations, only three markets, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore have shipments due of affected vehicles. A total of only 120 cars from the affected batch are due in these markets and none of these have been delivered to customers.

During this interim period, as MIG continues to roll out the new 5th Generation Subaru Forester across the region, it will continue to take bookings from customers, though customers may have to wait for longer than usual for delivery. This is due to the temporary halt in production from Japan, whilst MIG waits for further advice from Subaru Corporation of rectified shipments.

Motor Image Group is committed to the highest safety standards and quality driving experience for all its customers and is in constant contact with Subaru Corporation for any further updates.