Designed to make you a better driver.
Superior grip on every turn. Unrelenting traction on any surface. Our cars are designed to make you a more confident and safer driver.
Engineered for confidence
Be a more confident driver.
Get behind the wheel of a Subaru, and you can be confident their decades of proven technology will make you ready for all of life's twists and turns.
Any condition. Any time.
Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Boxer Engine delivers the ultimate in stability, performance, and control. When weather and road conditions are unpredictable, our technology gives you something you can rely on.
Don't trust anything less.
Our Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive monitors and splits power to all four wheels to give you superior road grip and stability you can feel. See how it compares.
Built for safety
Be a safer driver.
Be in control and ready to handle anything that comes your way with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.
No telescope needed to see our stars.
Our cars are built with safety as the primary goal, and the world's top safety institutes have taken notice. Our star ratings essentially demonstrate that we care about your safety and your passengers as much as you do.
As well-prepared as possible.
You're covered from all angles. To prevent the unpredictable and prepare you for the unavoidable, we think about safety in four distinct categories.
Meet EyeSight
Our advanced Stereo Vision Driver-Assist Technology gives you an extra set of eyes on the road and helps reduce the chance of a collision.
Excellent Visibility
Redesigned Seats for Comfort
Tilt Adjustable Steering Wheel
Vehicle Dynamics Control
Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
Anti-Lock Brakes
Boxer Engine "Submarining" Design
Side Door Beams
Seven SRS Airbags
Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame
Adaptive Cruise Control
Pre-Collision Braking System
Pre-Collision Throttle Management
Lane Sway and Departure Warning
Lead Vehicle Start Alert
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Be an adventurous driver.
Go where you want to go, and do what you want to do, your Subaru will be right there with you, ready to tackle it all.
Choosing one to love is easy.
Whether you seek adventure, thrilling performance, or just a daily driver, our cars are built to handle all of the above. No compromises needed.
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