Subaru Boxer Engine

Pistons move in an opposing manner, canceling out each other's vibrations.


A smooth

Compared to its inline and V engine counterparts, the Boxer Engine has balance mastered. The Boxer Engine's pistons move opposite of each other, reducing vibrations to give you a smoother ride.

Subaru Boxer Engine

Pistons move in an opposing manner, canceling out each other's vibrations.

Inline Engine

Requires extra weights in the engine to counteract the vibrations caused by asymmetrical movement.

V Engine

Higher center of gravity compared to the boxer layout due to the V-shape design.


Hugs every turn effortlessly.

The flat design of the Boxer Engine lowers the center of gravity to provide a fiercely responsive ride. With its excellent weight distribution and closer relationship to the road, you get tighter handling that listens to your every move—and answers on every turn.

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Power Delivery

Optimises power delivery.

The Lineartronic CVT provides a smooth transfer of power, so you enjoy effortless acceleration. Combined with Subaru technologies like SI-Drive, the Boxer Engine provides a responsive and fuel-efficient drive at the touch of a button.

The innovation that drives us.


years of Boxer Engine innovation and evolution included in every Subaru.


angle causes the pistons to face away from each other, and balance out each other’s vibrations.

The power of efficiency.

By creating conditions that require less power, and then optimising the transfer of power, the Boxer Engine uses strength and smarts to really pack a punch.


See how the Boxer Engine and SAWD work together to create perfect balance and a unique driving experience.


The low centre of gravity and flat design give it better side-to-side stability than other engine types.


The engine’s flat design is more rigid and self-balancing, generating fewer vibrations than other engine types.

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