A smooth

Compared to its inline and V engine counterparts, the Boxer Engine has balance mastered. The Boxer Engine's pistons move opposing each other, reducing vibrations to give you a smoother ride.

Subaru Boxer Engine

Pistons fire side to side, canceling out each other's vibrations.

Inline Engine

Requires extra weights in the engine to counteract the vibrations caused by asymmetrical movement.

V Engine

Higher center of gravity compared to the boxer layout due to the V-shape design.


Hugs every turn effortlessly.

The flat design of the Boxer Engine lowers the center of gravity down to provide a fiercely responsive ride. With its excellent weight distribution and closer relationship to the tarmac, you get tighter handling that listens to your every move and answers on every turn.

Power Delivery

Optimizes power delivery.

The Lineartronic CVT creates a smoother flow of power, so it responds efficiently when you step on the accelerator. When accompanied with other Subaru technologies such as the SI Drive, we can provide a responsive or fuel efficient drive with one touch of a button.

Power Up with X-MODE

With just the touch of a button, the anti-lock brakes, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Vehicle Dynamics Control system, and all other critical components optimize to help you tackle slippery roads and even the steepest hills.

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A Formidable Duo

Pair the Boxer Engine with Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and you get symmetry and balance at its finest. It's this combination that brings you the unmatched center of gravity and unique Subaru driving experience people have come to love.

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