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New on-board units (OBU)

Experience a seamless transition with the new OBU on your Subaru.

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The person who brings the vehicle for OBU installation shall be assumed to be authorised by vehicle owner to do so, and to make all decisions all matters relating to the OBU installation for that vehicle.


Am I eligible to install the new OBU on my Subaru?

Vehicles with COE expiry dates beyond December 31, 2025, are eligible for migration from IU to OBU.

Do I need to wait for LTA notification to replace the new OBU?

Subarists can volunteer to be the first to install the new On-Board Unit (OBU) together with your regular servicing appointment.
You can make appointment at the Service Booking website HERE.
If you do not have a Service Log-in, click HERE.

What is the cost incurred on the new OBU replacement?

There will be no charges imposed to install the new On-Board Unit (OBU) during the transitional phase.

What feature will be available for the OBU?

The OBU for ERP 2.0 will offer motorists road safety alerts, info on School and Silver Zones, and nearby bus lanes. It will have a touchscreen button to temporarily deactivate the CEPAS card, making it convenient for drivers with complimentary parking tickets. Future features will be considered based on motorist feedback.

Is the OBU compatible with current ganteries and carpark?

Yes, the OBU is compatible with all current systems, including ERP and EPS carpark gantries. Transitioning is seamless, with no changes in parking or ERP charges. Existing arrangements tagged to the IU, like season parking, remain unaffected.

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