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EPISODE 1: Face the Music

Part 1

The contestants come face to face with Grammy winner Michael Bolton, guest Glenn Tan and co-host Morissette Amon for the first time.

  • Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman & Managing Director, Tan Chong International Ltd

Part 2

The starstruck contestants have their performance. Find out if they shine or flop.

Songs featured:
  • Fathers and Daughters – Michael Bolton
  • Mercy – Duffy
  • Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  • How Am I Supposed To Live Without You – Michael Bolton
  • Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
  • Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

EPISODE 2: Three in Glee

Part 1

The first challenge is thrown at the contestants. They have to learn to sing together in a group.

Songs featured:
  • True Colors – Cyndi Lauper
  • Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

Part 2

Teamwork is hard when you are competing. One contestant is eliminated.

Guest Judge:
  • Sara Wee, Singer, Singapore
Songs featured:
  • True Colors – Cyndi Lauper
  • Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

EPISODE 3: All That Jazz

Part 1

The contestants can sing but can they sing AND dance?

Guest Mentor:
  • Alif Aircho, Dancer and Choreographer, Singapore
Songs featured:
  • Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Part 2

They all put their best foot forward, but one more is sent home.

Guest Judge:
  • Ho Ngoc Ha, Singer and Performer, Vietnam
Songs featured:
  • Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

EPISODE 4: My Own Beat

Part 1

Can the contestants move you in any language?

Songs featured:
  • Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xing - Teresa Teng
  • Dia – Sheila Majid
  • Buwan - Juan Karlos
  • Xin Hay THu Tha – Ho Ngoc Ha

Part 2

The contestants are brought out for the night, and discover they are the entertainment for the night.

Guest Judge:
  • Mild Nawin, Subaru Ambassador, Thailand
Songs featured:
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston
  • No One – Alicia Keys
  • Fight Song – Rachel Platten
  • I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – Aerosmith
  • In My Blood – Shawn Mendes

EPISODE 5: Duel of the Duet

Part 1

Drama is the name of the game. The contestants get tips on how to use the stage to their advantage.

Guest Mentor:
  • Tan Kheng Hua, Actress and Producer, Singapore

Part 2

The contestants have to work together again in a duet. One more is sent home.

Guest Judge:
  • Jannine Weigel, Actress and Singer, Thailand
Songs featured:
  • Alone – Heart
  • Just Give Me A Reason – Pink feat. Nate Ruess

EPISODE 6: Top of the Pops

Part 1

Down to the last three, the contestants are coached on how to perform in a music video.

  • Yu Tsai, Celebrity Photographer
  • Dana Slosar, Asia’s Next Top Model Winner and Subaru Ambassador
  • Mia Sabathy, Asia’s Next Top Model and Subaru Ambassador
Songs featured:
  • Safe – Michael Bolton

Part 2

The judges make the call on who makes it to the finals.

Songs featured:
  • Safe – Michael Bolton

EPISODE 7: Star Quality

Part 1

One last lesson for the final two.

Songs featured:
  • How Can We Be Lovers – Michael Bolton
  • Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
  • Hero – Mariah Carey

Part 2

Find out who becomes the Asian Dream winner.

Guest Judges:
  • Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman & Managing Director, Tan Chong International Ltd
  • Thanh Búi, Singer and Producer, Vietnam
Songs featured:
  • How Can We Be Lovers – Michael Bolton
  • Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
  • Hero – Mariah Carey
  • How Am I Supposed To Live Without You – Michael Bolton

Morissette's cover of 'Safe' will warm the cockles of your heart

Bonus Performance

Morissette performs a moving rendition of a Subaru Asia original, 'Safe'.


Programme Introduction

Six aspiring singers from across Asia are mentored by music icon Michael Bolton in a series of challenges and vie to be the next Asian singing sensation. The winner will join Michael on the Asian Dream Tour and become a Subaru Ambassador.

dreams do come true
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Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton is a multiple Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and social activist, who has sold more than 65 million records globally and continues to tour the world.

In recognition of his artistic achievements, Michael won two Grammys for Best Pop Male Vocal Performance, six American Music Awards, three Emmy nominations and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a songwriter, he has earned over 24 BMI & ASCAP Awards, including Songwriter of the Year, nine Million-Air awards, and the Hitmakers Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. With nine #1 singles, Michael has seen nine studio albums rank in the Top Ten, including his 28th CD, Songs of Cinema, a tribute to beloved songs from the world’s most iconic films.

Michael has written with some of the greatest talents of our time, including Bob Dylan, Paul Stanley, Lady Gaga, Diane Warren, and David Foster. His songs have been recorded by the likes of KISS, Kanye West, Jay Z, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and Marc Anthony. Continuing to tour the world each year, Michael has performed with legends such as Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Renee Fleming and BB King.

Michael’s songs and performances have been featured in numerous television and film soundtracks, including the Oscar-nominated theme song Go the Distance, from Walt Disney’s blockbuster animated film Hercules, and the recent Russell Crowe film, Fathers & Daughters. He also executive produced the documentary Terror at Home: Domestic Violence in America, and was nominated for an Emmy for writing the title song Tears of The Angels.

Morissette Amon

Morisette Amon

Singer, rapper, dancer, multi-instrumentalist, actress and television personality, multi-talented Morissette first rose to prominence when she finished runner-up on the Philippines’ TV5 Star Factor at the age of 14. Her first self-titled album was a hit and she was awarded the New Female Recording Artist of the Year by the PMPC Star Awards for Music, and Female Artist of the Year on M.O.R. Pinoy Music Awards in the Philippines.

Morrissette’s distinct tone and versatility has been adapted to many music genres. With an extensive, connected range, she transits into other registers smoothly. One of her most distinctive vocal features is her ability to sing in the whistle register with ease. As most of her performances revolved around songs that require powerful belting, she was casted as one of the “Birit” Queens (literally “Belter” Queens) in a Philippines TV program, ASAP. She has sung the theme songs for various movies such as Crazy Beautiful You, and You’re Still the One.

Morissette is also the first Filipino artist to have her own V-Live Channel, a popular South Korean live video streaming service for celebrities.

Guests, Judges and Mentors



The Grand Finale

Our grand finalists stage the performance of their lives, but there can only be ONE winner.

Dealing with the limelight? Asia's Next Top Model S6 finalists share their thoughts

AsNTM S6 finalist Mia Sabathy and winner Dana Slosar impart their words of wisdom to our Asian Dream Final 3 on what it takes to shine in the limelight.

Episode 6 I Linh & Tyen cry backstage after Karl's emotional elimination

Our finalists Linh and Tyen, and judge Morissette shared an emotional moment backstage, after Karl's journey on Asian Dream ended yesterday.

Karl Zarate goes out on a HIGH (Farewell performance)

Do everything with love and passion. Be like Karl. ❤️

Episode 6: Top of the Pops I Recap

The judges make the call on who makes it to the finals.

Goodbye, Poova

Poova's final message and performance after her Asian Dream journey comes to an end. We will miss you, Poova ❤️

Tyen Rasif & Linh Tran duet 'Just Give Me a Reason'

Tyen and Linh test their opposing music styles with this duet rendition of Pink and Nate Ruess' 'Just Give Me a Reason'.

Karl Zarate & Poova Sri Rama duet 'Alone'

Karl and Poova team up to hit the big notes in Heart's 'Alone'. Can this unlikely duo find that spark of chemistry to fulfil their #AsianDream ?

Episode 5 I Linh loses her cool again after screwing up duet performance

Singing in harmony proves to be Linh's weakness once again as she struggles to deliver in the latest performance.

Episode 5: Duel of the Duet I Recap

The contestants have to work together in a duet. One more is sent home.

Jannine Weigel on making tough decisions: “I've so much respect for Michael Bolton & Morissette!”

We speak with singer, actress and YouTuber Jannine Weigel on being a guest judge on Asian Dream. What is it like meeting Michael Bolton, Morissette, and the contestants for the first time?

Guest Mentor Tan Kheng Hua from Singapore Shares Her Thoughts

How do you get aspiring musicians to truly connect with a song and each other? By engaging award-winning actress Tan Kheng Hua as a mentor of course! Find out what it takes to draw out their emotions, what being a performer means to her, and what she thinks of each contestant's potential!

Who's Most Likely To... Win Asian Dream?

Our Final 3 contestants ask each other a series of random questions (and a REALLY TOUGH one), with honest results.

Singing for a place in the Final on Episode 6

The Top 3 go all out for just two spots in the Grand Finale. After rounds of heartbreak, hard work and sheer determination, only the most complete artists will make it through.

Michael Bolton sings his own songs at karaoke? (Judges True or False)

In this game of true or false, Morissette finds out the most important truth of all time: Does Michael Bolton sing Michael Bolton songs at karaoke? From KISS to Kanye West, some of these truths about the Grammy award-winning legend will blow your mind!

Poova Sri Rama forgets the lyrics, Karl Zarate hits the right notes

Unprepared for an impromptu Open Mic Night, Poova forgets the lyrics midway through the performance. But Karl steals the show by taking a gamble with Sam Mendes' In My Blood.

Morissette gives our Final 4 a master class on stage presence (Extended performance)

Resident judge and mentor Morissette shows our Final 4 contestants how it's done by performing her take on a Whitney Houston classic. Watch and learn!

When Tyen Rasif and Linh Tran surprise the judges

Linh performs an energetic reggae rendition of an Alicia Keys hit in front of judges Michael Bolton, Morissette and Subaru Ambassador Mild Nawin. Tyen goes with a different take on Fight Song.

Episode 4: My Own Beat I Recap

The contestants are brought out for the night, and find out they are the evening's entertainment.

Episode 4 I Judges' brutal honest reaction to Open Mic Night

The final 4 contestants have just delivered an impromptu performance in front of revellers on a night out. Watch on to see what our judges think.

Chubby Bunny Shake It Off Challenge (feat Asian Dream contestants)

Our Asian Dream contestants try a twist on an old challenge with a Taylor Swift dance hit.

Who is Morissette's first crush? (Game of Firsts)

What was Morissette's first impression of Michael Bolton? And can she cook to save her life? Morissette reveals it all in this Game of Firsts.

Goodbye, Sasha

Sasha's final message and performance after her Asian Dream journey comes to an end. We will miss you Sasha ❤️
Song featured: Mama - Sasha Ka

Asian Dream contestants move and sing with Shake It Off (Taylor Swift cover)-

Dance the Monday Blues Away!
Song featured: Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

Episode 3: All That Jazz I Recap

The contestants can sing but can they sing AND dance?

Episode 3 I Team Million Reasons FALLOUT continues

Linh's #AsianDream journey continues, but not everyone is pleased to see her remain in the competition.

Guest judge Ho Ngoc Ha REVEALS her top 3 favourite contestants

It's all about owning the limelight in our latest episode. We ask Vietnamese singer and actress Ho Ngoc Ha on who she thinks shined the brightest?

Goodbye, Becky

Becky's final message and performance after her Asian Dream journey comes to an end. We will miss you, Becky ❤️

Lady Gaga (Cover by Tyen Rasif, Poova Sri Rama, Linh Tran)

Watch this powerful a cappella performance from last week's episode.

True Colors - Cyndi Lauper (Cover by Becky Yeung, Sasha Ka, Karl Zarate)

Enjoy and be moved by this heartfelt a cappella performance from last week's episode

Carpool karaoke

In a true test of teamwork, our 6 aspiring singers hop into the Subaru Forester for some carpool karaoke. Watch as they travel through the heart of Singapore city, singing “Million Reasons” and “True Colours”. Will they be able to nail the perfect harmony together in a short space of time?

Who has the PERFECT pitch?

Our 6 aspiring singers have shown they are willing to do everything to go far into the competition, but who has the furthest range of vocals? Watch on to find out.

Morissette and contestants REACT to their Instagram pics

We find out what Asian Dream judge Morissette and our contestants think about their own photos on Instagram.

Episode 2 I Linh's EPIC meltdown scene

Linh struggles to harmonise with Poova and Tyen's “diva” voices. Watch the moment she releases her frustrations on the team.

Michael Bolton & Morissette Word for Word

Find out what Michael Bolton really thinks of resident mentor Morissette, and more, in this quickfire word association game.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran (Cover by Linh Tran)

Check out Linh's performance from last week's world premiere. Song featured: Perfect – Ed Sheeran.

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera (Cover by Sasha Ka)

Listen to Sasha's moving performance from last week's world premiere.

Mercy- Duffy (Cover by Tyen Rasif)

Give an ear to Tyen's catchy performance from last week's world premiere. Song featured: Mercy – Duffy.

EPISODE 2: Three in Glee | Recap

The first challenge is thrown at the contestants. They have to sing together without musical accompaniment.

Fallin’ - Alicia Keys (Cover by Poova Sri Rama)

Get a load of Poova's take on this debut single and signature of Alicia Keys.

How Am I Supposed To Live Without You- Michael Bolton (Cover by Karl Zarate)

Enjoy Karl's take on a classic by Asian Dream judge and mentor Michael Bolton.

Fathers & Daughters - Michael Bolton (Cover by Becky Yeung)

Listen to Becky Yeung's rendition of this hit by Asian Dream judge and Grammy Award winner Michael Bolton.

Subaru Flash Challenge (with Becky and Sasha)

Sasha and Becky team up in this 8-minute songwriting challenge set by Morissette.

What’d they Bring?

Resident mentor and judge Morissette's knowledge of the contestants is put to the test. How well does she understand these 6 aspiring singers and their different personalities?

World Premiere | Recap

A chance to impress. The 6 aspiring singers arrived in Singapore and met judges Michael Bolton and Morissette for the first time. Who will be the next Asian Singing Sensation?

What I brought

We check in with 6 of our aspiring singers to find out what are the things they cannot live without, ahead of Thursday's Asian Dream World Premiere.

Myself in 3 words

It's getting closer to the World Premiere of Asian Dream and we have asked our 6 aspiring singers to describe themselves in 3 words.

Judges Michael Bolton and Morissette Amon REACT to contestants

We sit down with Michael Bolton and Morissette Amon to find out their first impressions of the Asian Dream contestants.

Michael Bolton's Dream Guide 3: Success

30 years after his first hit, Michael Bolton shares how that initial success shaped his career.

Michael Bolton's Dream Guide 2: Craft

What's the best instrument to practice with for an aspiring singer? How can one get better? And what is the secret to success? Here's what Michael Bolton has to say.

Michael Bolton's Dream Guide 1: Self belief

For Michael Bolton, the road to success requires more than just talent. Watch now and be inspired.

Name that Boltune

Michael Bolton is up against fellow judge and award-winning artiste Morissette Amon in this challenge with a twist.

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