22 February 2021

Subaru’s state-of-the-art Driver Monitoring System now available in Forester

Keeping a watchful eye over Subaru Forester drivers and giving them the recognition that they deserve

Singapore, 22 February 2021 – Motor Image Enterprises (MIE), the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in Singapore, is proud to introduce a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) in its most popular model, the Subaru Forester, to the Singapore market.

Unique to Subaru, the DMS is the headline feature of the 2021 Forester, making Subaru’s signature SUV even safer and more convenient. In the Japanese SUV segment, the DMS is one of the most significant advances in driver-friendly cockpit technology since the power-adjustable memory seat.

The driver’s seat in the latest Forester provides 8-way power adjustment and a two-memory function. However, DMS upgrades the functionality to the next level by recognising up to five different registered drivers and recalling their preferred cockpit settings.

Using a dedicated infrared camera, integrated neatly with the hood of the Multi-Function Display atop the Forester’s dashboard, DMS scans the driver’s face when he gets behind the wheel. This is similar to how facial recognition works on tablets and smartphones.

Once the driver has been identified by the DMS scanner as a driver registered in the system, it will automatically adjust the following based on the driver’s last saved preferences:

  1. Driver’s seat position
  2. Door mirror positions
  3. Climate control settings
  4. Multi-Function Display’s content
  5. Combination meter display’s content

DMS can register up to five driver profiles, complete with a choice of eight icons, which include a paw print, a butterfly, and a pair of checkered flags.

In addition, the DMS gives the Forester an even higher level of preventive safety and supplements the model’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology to make every drive as safe as can be.

DMS monitors the driver’s eyes while he/she is driving the Forester whilst the vehicle is in motion and helps ensure that the driver is focused on the road ahead.

If DMS detects that the driver is distracted, drowsy or sleepy, which could cause a road accident, the system will alert the driver with a buzzer and a visual alert. Slight distraction, drowsiness or sleepiness will prompt DMS to flash [Keep Eyes on Road] in the multi-info display between the instrument meters. Serious drowsiness or sleepiness will prompt DMS to flash [Stay Alert!].

DMS has won accolades in Europe, Australia and the US as an innovation in motoring safety and convenience. Subaru’s Driver Monitoring System in the Forester is also the winner of the 2020 What Car? Technology Award in the UK.

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