25 October 2019

The Media loves the all-new Subaru Forester!

Having tested the award-winning fifth-generation Subaru Forester, our media friends in Malaysia have given rave reviews.

After driving it long-distance from Penang to Bangkok, Gerard Lye of paultan.org, Malaysia’s top automotive information and news source, said: “There’s a sense of surefootedness to the SUV, as there was less body roll compared to the (fourth-generation Forester), while the AWD and Active Torque Vectoring (by braking) systems help to keep the Forester composed.”

Speaking on the eco-friendliness of the model, he said: “By the end of the journey, we logged an average fuel consumption of about 7.8L/100km. Keep in mind that this result is with little to no effort on our part to conserve fuel, as some of the Thailand media with us managed as low as 5.8L/100km.”

All things considered, Gerard felt that “the overall package, including its boosted safety kit (now with EyeSight), is well tailored to meet the demands of most in the market for a family SUV, and should make those considering a Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-5 think a little harder before deciding.”

Equally impressed is Daniel Sherman Fernandez, founder and editor of dsf.my. The veteran and one of the most prolific providers of automotive news and reviews in Malaysia, said: “The newly developed chassis technology ensures not only precisely controllable handling, but also noticeably improved ride comfort when driven over bad road surfaces. Together with the car’s impressive rigidity of the body and chassis, it all contributes to a driving experience familiar to European car driving dynamics.”

In his AutoBuzz.my video review, Pan Eu Jin said: "New cars these days offer a lot that distract us from what really matter in a car – traction, stability and more importantly assurance behind the wheel. In that sense no one does it better than Subaru.” Having also tested EyeSight, Subaru's proprietary driver-assist system, he was impressed by how much safer it makes the all-new Forester, especially with Pre-collision Braking. Check out his video here!

Yet to try the all-new Subaru Forester with EyeSight Driver Assist Technology? Head down to your nearest Subaru showroom to experience the extraordinary SUV today!

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