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Safety in 100 Ways

In uncertain times, there’s nothing more human than the desire to be safe. Safety is key to our survival, it’s the common thread that connects the decisions we make in our lives and in the lives of those around us. For an auto company whose name has become synonymous with safety, it also demonstrates a deeper understanding of both how we drive and what drives us to protect what we care about the most.

In this spirit, TIME and Subaru are launching a new partnership, Safety in 100 Ways, which will incorporate 100 of Subaru’s innovative safety features into stories that showcase the crucial role safety plays in the cars we choose to drive and answer questions that have a bigger impact on automotive safety than you might think. Through an interactive digital destination, Safety in 100 Ways will use documentary style videos and articles to highlight the human perspective on safety technology and explore how it affects every aspect of the driving experience from how we drive to why we stay loyal to the cars we trust.

Safety in 100 Ways

Documentary-style videos will go inside the stories of crash survivors - like the young man who walked away from a horrific collision with a truck going nearly 140 km/h, then walked down the aisle at his wedding a month later. Each video will highlight different elements of the unforgettable moment that changed their lives and explore the role Subaru’s 100+ safety features played in their survival.

Articles will explore some of the unexpected factors that determine the role these safety features play when we’re driving. We’ll look to answer questions like: How much do cultural factors and human nature influence our behavior behind-the-wheel? What can the stories of crash survivors teach us about safety technology that we rely on every time we drive? What keeps families buying the same brand of car for generations?

Most of us sit in a car every day but how many of us really understand what determines our safety when we’re in the car? By revealing what’s at stake every time we get behind the wheel, Safety in 100 Ways will help us better understand what we can do to ensure our own survival.

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