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Cesar's Recruit Asia S3: EP.1 - Top Dog is Back!

Cesar, together with Season 1 winner and assistant trainer, Ethan Loke, welcome the 8 aspiring recruits at the Academy. The recruits are quickly thrown in a rapid-fire assessment to find out who among them have instinctive skills and the potential to be the leader of the pack.
For their first ever task and challenge, the recruits will face obstacles that would put them all under pressure and be quickly forced to work as a team.
Just as they have met the rest of the pack, will everything turn out harmonious or will the recruits start pawing each other?

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Cesar's Recruit Asia S3: EP.1 - Top Dog is Back!

Cesar, together with Season 1 winner and assistant trainer, Ethan Loke, welcome the 8 aspiring recruits at the Academy. The recruits are quickly thrown in a rapid-fire assessment to find out who among them have instinctive skills and the potential to be the leader of the pack.

Cesar's Recruit Asia S3: EP.2 - Doga to the Rescue

The competition heats up as the recruits get their first taste of elimination last week. This week, Cesar shows the recruits how to pat on the vital virtues of patience and calmness in becoming the best dog trainers. But there’s no time to waste, as the recruits are expected to be quick on their feet to impress Cesar and come out as the top dog. From the 7 recruits remaining, who will rise to the challenge and who will be chasing tails?

Cesar's Recruit Asia S3: EP.3 - Dogfight

There's trouble in the dog pound as the team dynamics shift for the 6 remaining recruits. Hidden tensions are shown as they fight tooth and claw for what's left at stake, while inching their way closer to the end. But, as the wise Cesar says, for you to be the leader of the pack you must first be a good follower. So, will the upcoming task and challenges take a greater toll on their teamwork, or will tails wag to a more cooperative way to beat the competition? As the rivalry gets more rabid, the remaining recruits reveal their true selves on just who is the hungriest for the main prize.

Cesar's Recruit Asia S3: EP.4 - Dog and Pony Show

Hitting the halfway mark of the competition, 5 of the recruits are feeling the bite. More than puppy dog's eyes and sweet-talking, the recruits would need to sharpen their wit as they pitch their concepts for an adoption drive. With some ideas embraced, and some abandoned, the kennel is starting to heat up, shedding the real pelts of the recruits. Just who will bark for the win, and who will fall on the tail-end?

Cesar's Recruit Asia S3: EP.5 - Dog-eat-dog World

This week, the 4 remaining recruits are challenged to bare their heart out as they get an eye-opening experience in an institution for the mentally challenged. Set to equip them with sensitivity, and compassion, some of the recruits felt their leash tightening. Their diverse personalities are challenged, releasing their vulnerabilities for the attack. As the stakes get higher, the life in the pound proves not for the faint-hearted. While our recruits scramble for survival of the fittest, will they go for best in show or bow out of the competition?

Cesar's Recruit Asia S3: EP.6 - The Underdog

From now on, the top 3 recruits are all on their own, as they inch their way to make it as Cesar's top recruit. Armed with five week’s worth of challenges, they will finally face the harsh reality of rehabilitating the severed relationships of real dogs with their owners. It's time for them to show if they've earned enough stripes on their own to claw their way up for the two spots in the finale or get left behind. Who will be the leader of the pack and who will be sent packing?

Cesar's Recruit Asia S3: EP.6 - The Leader of the Pack

They say passion breeds success, and now that our recruits are down to the final two, their spirits are placed on the ultimate test. With the windfall of six challenges behind them, Cesar breaks out the ultimate measure on who is fit enough to go home with the biggest bone in the competition. In this Do or Die challenge, our top 2 recruits know that there is no turning back on the competition. But just who among the two will turn out as the Alpha Dog, and who will come home with his tail between his legs?

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dog tips

Embrace Uncertainty

Always accept that uncertainty will be prevalent in any pet-to-owner relationship. You must be willing to work through the ups and the downs.

Maintain the joy

One of the most important things to remember when training or rehabilitating a dog is to not lose the joy in doing so. Energy is transferred from one being to another so retaining joy in what you do is not just incredibly healthy but also effective.

Good Values

For animals to respect you as a human, you need to have good values. This will be one of the most important lessons that you can learn in dog training and in life.

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dog facts

Does the weather affect your dog’s eating habits?

What not to feed your dog? Watch the video above to find out!

What are dog paws made of?

Learn more about your own pup with these paw-some insights!

Why is a dog's tongue so sensitive?

Find out more about your dog with these dog facts!

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Subaru Exclusives

Dad Jokes

Let's crack some jokes!

Dogs driving

Watch out! Subaru wants to send out a reminder to never leave dogs in cars on a hot day, otherwise the following will happen...

Subaru: Dog-friendly

Get on board with Cesar’s Recruit: Asia Season 3! Don’t miss out.

Cesar Subaru Showroom Tour

Cesar pops in to check out the Subaru showroom in Singapore!

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Behind the Scenes

Cesar’s Recruit: Asia PR Photoshoot

Take a peek behind the scenes with the recruits at their very first photoshoot!

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Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan

With more than 25 years of experience working with canines, New York Times best-selling author and twice Emmy-nominated television personality Cesar Millan uses a philosophy of trust, respect and love to rehabilitate aggressive, frightened and neurotic dogs. While Cesar has earned a trusted reputation as an approachable yet unwavering authority in the field of dog behaviour and rehabilitation, it is the human education of how their behaviour - and more importantly their energy - affects their pets that has been the key to his success.

Beyond his achievements in television and publishing, Cesar reaches the masses through his various endeavours, including:

  • The personal development and sales of his training tools, such as the widely popular "Pack Leader Collar".
  • In-person training programmes through held at his Dog Psychology Center in California.
  • The popular behaviour and advice website,, which is one of the Internet's top canine resources in the world.
  • The ongoing efforts of the Cesar Millan Foundation and by connecting with audiences via his television series, Cesar Millan's Dog Nation and now Cesar's Recruit: Asia.

Ethan Loke

Ethan Loke

Ethan Loke is the first ever winner of Cesar's Recruit: Asia, and he's back again on the show, this time by Cesar's side, helping to train and assess the new recruits. Before winning Cesar's Recruit: Asia, Ethan worked as a legal executive, but he has since become a full-time dog trainer under his company, Urban K9, alongside his wife, Serene. Ethan's passion for dogs started at a young age despite not having owned a dog growing up, and it was during his two-year national service in the Singapore Police Force K9 unit that Ethan developed his dog-training skills. Ethan is a firm believer in the importance of the human element of dog training, and he's here to help guide the new recruits to become stronger individuals.

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