Protection Against Expensive Repairs

TC Subaru Sdn Bhd or its authorised dealers shall repair or replace any parts found defective within the framework of coverage, subject to Terms & Conditions as stated herein and in the Subaru-Auto Protection Programme Agreement & Handbook.

Comprehensive 140-Point Inspection for Quality Assurance

Every Subaru must undergo our comprehensive 140-point inspection to ensure it is in its best operating condition, prior to acceptance into the Subaru-Auto Protection Programme. All Subaru owners who enrol their Subaru into the programme will enjoy quality assurance.

Competitive Pricing

The Subaru-Auto Protection Programme is competitively priced to ensure that owners will benefit from maximum coverage at reasonable costs. We aim to offer top-quality after-sales services with reduced maintenance costs for complete ownership peace of mind..

Transferability & Non-Refund Policy

The programme is transferable to the next owner of the same vehicle, subject to Terms & Conditions as stated in the Subaru-Auto Protection Programme Handbook. It is strictly non-refundable. The programme will automatically cease once it is sold to any motor trader or dealer.

Other Perks & Benefits

The following perks & benefits await all owners protected by the Subaru-Auto Protection Programme

  • Complimentary 1-year Subaru Breakdown Assist coverage
  • 10% off body and paint, parts and labour at all authorised Subaru repair centres
  • 10% off Subaru official merchandise
  • 10% off in-house grooming services (selected outlets)
  • 10% off standard retail parts not covered by the Subaru Auto Protection Programme
  • Free technical and diagnostic consultation at all authorised Subaru service centres

Package Details

Price RM 1,300 RM 1,600
Eligibility • No older than six years (according to year of registration)
• Mileage not exceeding 100,000km
• Full service history with any authorised Subaru service centre
Warranty Coverage 1 year or up to 20,000km, whichever comes first
Claims limit Per claim: RM 5,000
Per policy coverage: RM 10,000
Per claim: RM 10,000
Per policy coverage: RM 20,000
Parts covered
(*refer to listed items
in Subaru-Auto Protection
Programme Agreement &
Handbook or Brochure)
• Air-con system
• Fuel system
• Cooling system
• Brake system
• Electrical system
• Engine components
• Transmission Components
(Auto, CVT or Manual)
• Axle & Differential Components
• Air-con system
• Fuel system
• Cooling system
• Brake system
• Electrical system

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the main difference between the Silver and Gold packages?

  • Apart from price, the Gold Package also covers engine, transmission, axle and differential components, with a higher claim amount and policy coverage.

When does my extended warranty start if I sign up today?

  • Once the 140-point inspection has been conducted and passed, you will be able to purchase the SAPP package, which will take immediate effect.

Where can I service my vehicle while it is covered by SAPP?

  • Vehicles under the SAPP must be serviced at any authorised Subaru service centre within the recommended period of every 10,000km or 6 months, whichever comes first.

Where can I send my vehicle for warranty claims?

  • You can send your vehicle to any authorised Subaru service centre.

How long will it take for my claims to be approved?

  • Vehicles that come in for warranty claims are evaluated prior to approval. Depending on the extent of the damage, claims can be approved as quickly as within 24 hours.

Can I tow my vehicle to my preferred authorised Subaru service centre to process the claim?

  • The SAPP comes with complimentary towing assistance. This is subject to a limit of up to RM 300 or approximately 200km per incident.

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