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Subaru WRX

Experience the thrill of rally-inspired driving and exhilarating control with the rebirth of a legend.

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From comfortable daily use to high-performance sports driving, the WRX is now more powerful, agile and fun to drive than ever. Let our track-tested all-season performance car ignite your adrenaline rush with every drive.

Announcing the all-new WRX Wagon variant. The WRX Wagon's Japan domestic market version, Levorg, won the prestigious Japan Car of the Year 2020-2021 award. The Japan COTY selection committee attributed the victory to the model's Subaru Global Platform, body, engine, suspension, brakes and steering.

At Subaru, safety comes first. That’s why Subaru has been fine-tuning, testing, and retesting its advanced safety features for over 50 years.


Subaru‘s Symmetrical AWD distributes power to all wheels for better traction on wet and slippery roads. This system has a well-balanced low centre of gravity for a more stable and safer ride.


With new innovative stereo cameras and updates to both image recognition and control software, EyeSight 4.0 Driver Assist Technology provides drivers with even more peace of mind on the road.
Only available for Automatic Transmission WRX Sedan / WRX Wagon


The Driver Monitoring System keeps a watchful eye over the driver to help ensure their attention is focused on the road ahead.

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